Poster Bakes

Poster Bakes: Vegan vanilla custard doughnuts


Fancy treating yourself and buying something delicious? Poster Bakes is our sister social enterprise, delivering positive social change and lip-smackingly gorgeous vegan doughnuts.

These beauties are traditional, deep-filled, made fresh daily and delivered to you by bike! Whether you are looking for something sweet, treating your friends or even want to make a dull meeting much more exciting, we’ve got you covered.

At poster bakes, we are as committed to helping people experiencing homelessness as we are to creating delicious treats. We are run by the large homelessness charity The Connection at St Martin’s, who help thousands of Londoners every year to move away from the streets. We work directly with those recovering at The Connection, running kitchen classes to give people the tools and knowledge needed to help them cook for themselves and make good food decisions when they finally get the home they deserve.

So if you find yourself in London, what are you waiting for?


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